Episode 43: OpenBSD

By Viktor Madarasz | 12 September 2020 | 0:30:00
In this episode I talk about OpenBSD , rc , init , CARP and pfsync and a use case of OpenBSD for Failover Router/Firewall based on the article of Chad Gross.

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Episode 42: Analytics and Interactive Visualization Solutions

By Viktor Madarasz / 5 September 2020 / 00:30:00

In this episode I talk about Grafana and Kibana and Elasticsearch a little bit.

Episode 41: Infrastructure Monitoring Software

By Viktor Madarasz / 29 August 2020 / 00:30:00

I talk about what and why we use infrastructure monitoring software at enterprises and I talk about the below 3 monitoring softwares and I nearly run out of time again while I did the live event.Nagios, Zabbix, OpenNMS

Episode 40: Ansible

By Viktor Madarasz / 22 August 2020 / 00:30:00

I talk about Continuous Configuration Automation Tools amongst those Ansible most in depth in this episode.

Episode 39: About Commodore & Amiga - Part II.

By Viktor Madarasz / 15 August 2020 / 00:30:00

Part II. I of About Commodore And Amiga Episode Where I talk about Amiga OS, Amiga Unix, Emulation and Other Influenced Operating Systems

Episode 38: About Commodore & Amiga - Part I.

By Viktor Madarasz / 08 August 2020 / 00:30:00

Part I. Part I. Talking about Commodore and Amiga's History

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a Hungarian born IT Professional working in the IT Sector for nearly a decade. Held various positions from Global Service Desk Analyst Level I - II to Deskside Support Analyst. Feels comfortable both in and out of the Server Room. Focused in System's Administration and Networking which He does as a hobby having a 42U Rack for himself as a homelab

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